West High Varsity Basketball

The West High varsity basketball team has come off hot from last year with only one loss, we are giving you a preview of what you will see this year.

Jordan Bailey and Nick Haddy

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The West High varsity basketball team has won five state championships in the 25 years Steve Bergman has coached at West. Last year they almost won for a sixth time, losing at state playoffs.

“They are coming out strong this year,” Bergman said. Though West has 10 games on the road this season–including two games in Minnesota–Bergman said that if they work enough and work together, they have a good chance of getting the state championship again.

“We have a lot of talent, we just need to work hard,” Bergman said. He’s really looking forward to working with the five returning starters minus the starter they lost last year, David Dileo. What he’s not looking forward to is their rotten defense that they had last year during the season and all the injuries that could happen, schedule, and lack of chemistry. The varsity team was 25-1 and didn’t make it past the third round in the state playoffs. Bergman was sad about it but said,”they got what we deserved.” He says they didn’t work hard enough and that’s why they lost. Practice starts Nov. 16 and they are going to work extra hard on their defense getting ready to play Linn Mar and two Minnesota teams. There are no tryouts so if you want to play, show up the first couple practices and they will scout you. Bergman is looking for hard work, determination, talent and if you work well with the team.

“We practice everyday but will get Saturday off depending on games during the weekend,”  said Connor McCaffery, ‘17 one of the starters on the team. He also wasn’t too happy last year.“Our defense wasn’t as intense as it needed to be as a team.” He now uses it for motivation to work harder and to be a better leader for the team. He wants everyone to be a big part of the team, even the bench-warmers and make a difference. He wants the team to represent our school as best as they can. He thinks maybe some kids will move up like Jaquan Hemphill, ‘18, his brother Patrick and Jake Anderson,’18. “ They know what they’re doing at open gym so I think they’ll do pretty well and do something for our team.” Connor, to make a better contribution has been working on his jumpers, ball handling, strength, and being a team leader with his brother right behind him. Looking up to him and getting better.

“I’ve been looking up to my brother since I could pick up a ball,” last said Patrick McCaffery, ‘19 has been looking up to Connor since he was young. It didn’t matter what it was. Connor with their dad, coach of the Iowa men’s basketball team has helped Patrick get better. Patrick has been thinking about making varsity since Connor played for Bergman his 7th grade year. He practices everyday working on jumpers, jumping higher, and becoming more athletic. He knows those things will help with the fact that he’s tall. Although he wants to get bigger, play harder, and get stronger. Bergman thinks we can win this year with great potential, let’s do it.

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West High Varsity Basketball