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For many students, summer is a time to abandon the restrictions and responsibilities of school. So bring on the freedom, layer that sunscreen, grab your shades and enjoy your summer with helpful tips and tricks to help you beat the heat.

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Summer Snacks;


(makes 4)


  • 4 full Graham crackers
  • 4 oreos
  • Peanut butter
  • chocolate bar
  • marshmallows

How to;

  1. Spread both sides of oreo with peanut butter and place on graham cracker
  2. Place chocolate on other half of graham cracker
  3. Roast  marshmallows
  4. Slide marshmallow off onto other side of graham cracker
  5. Squish together and enjoy!

Sno’ Cones

(makes as many as you desire)


  • Ice
  • Juice of choice

How to;

  1. Mix the juice to preferred taste with water
  2. Blend ice in blender
  3. Pour juice on “snow”
  4. Enjoy!

Diy’s You Can Actually Do


Super Sweet Places to “Treat” Yourself

Dane’s Dairy


With an outdoor location perfect for catching some rays or star gazing, Dane’s Dairy’s wide selection of ice creams, frozen yogurts and assorted other treats are bound to treat you well. The seating may be a little outdated, but if benches aren’t your thing feel free to sit on the scattered farm animal lawn ornaments. If you’re looking for a place that screams local this is the place for you.

Heyn’s Premium Ice Cream


With amazing homemade creations such as apple pie, and monster mash. Heyns holds a masterpiece for everyone. The locations offer plenty of seating, plenty of flavor and an easy spot to enjoy time with friends.

Riverside Dairy Queen


Although there are many DQ’s all over the country this specific location has outdoor seating, a view of the lovely Iowa river and a fun vintage vibe for the next time you feel like going back to the 70’s. Grab your sunglasses and a friend or two and enjoy this unique location for some “fan food, not fast food.”



Downtown is always a fun place to be in the summer. It’s a wonderful festival hub; there’s the fountain, plenty of great places to eat, places to shop around. No matter what you’re doing in the downtown area it can be improved by a nice cup of froyo from Yotopia. With lots of different flavors and toppings everyone is sure to find a favorite.

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Open Season