Video game technological change over time

Mikail Syed


Back in the year of 1980, video games were pixelated animations installed into a cabinet, known as an arcade machine, played in places outside of home called arcades. Now, the video games have invaded the homes of many people, and are so realistic they look like real life!

Reception of the newly announced Nintendo Switch had come harshly under fire by many students in West High School. According to surveys in the school, the Switch has had very few likes. Many, however, are unaware of the Switch due to its announcement being very recent.

Reception of the PlayStation VR, however, have been more positive. Many people stated it is interesting, and it shows growth in the video game industry, according to surveys. The VR is a system that simulates a video game experience as if you were in the game.

Tyler Pals ‘18 exemplified the reception of the Switch and the VR. “The VR is changing technology, but the Switch is just a gimmick that is Nintendo’s last ditch efforts,” said Pals. He does, however, keep away from the games slightly, and does not play many mobile games. He does believe video game technology is not changing very much. “Graphics and designs attempt to look realistic, but they don’t change the real basis of a video game,” said Pals.

Mussab Musa ‘20 also reflected the VR. “It’s really cool, and it’s try hard,” said Musa. He stated he also did not play a lot of video games, but he sometimes plays mobile games, another example of technology change. “The graphics are also really good for today,” said Musa, which also contradicts Pals’ views on graphics.

Overall, several believe that the Nintendo Switch is a bad example of technology change, while they praised the VR, mobile gaming, and voice recognition. Video game technology is ultimately progressing, and in the future, there could be advanced technology, such as walking in a virtual world or a console that allows for digital purchase but creates a disc. This forecast shows technology will change and continue to grow for ages to

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