Brotherly Talent

The Frisbie Brothers and the Zielinski Brothers. A look at two dynamic duos on the West High Boys Varsity Soccer team.



Daniel Song, Tanner Heiar, Ivan Badovanic, and Coleson Krupp

Think about your successes, your failures, and everything in between. What one person was always there for you? If you were lucky enough to have a sibling in your life you would know the laughter, the companionship, and the rivalries that live in the cracks and crevices of your relationship. The one person that was there to cheer you on and to pick you up when you fall. The brothers for life have shared this special bond at home and on the soccer field.

The Zielinski brothers, Harry ’18 and Connor ’17, and  the Frisbie brothers, Zach ’17 and Micah ’20, both recall starting soccer at a very young age. The Frisbie’s have played competitively since the kindergarten days of [older brother] Zach Frisbie and the same goes with the Zielinski’s, with Connor being the older of the two. Throughout their lives, ample time was provided for improvement of a relationship as well as collaboration and learning experiences with each other at home and on the field. Yet, you might think they have influenced each other outside of the field much more than the reality.
“I don’t think Harry has really influenced me in any way since [on or off the field]… We play different soccer styles because I am more of a physical player and he’s more of a finesse player,” says Connor.

Factoring in also, were that the chances of teaming rarely occurred as Connor was a year older and always played an age group higher in club soccer. The only opening came last season as both Zielinski’s made the IC West High varsity soccer team.

On the other hand, Zach sports a different opinion.

“My brother Micah has definitely influenced me to get better and try new things… He made the [Iowa] state ODP team and I was like, well, I guess I need to go tryout to now. I went and tried out and then also made it.”

All this adds up to both Zielinski brothers and the Frisbee brothers proving that being together for so long hasn’t been an influential factor in life, but does it affect being on the field where some consider it matters the most? To them, it’s a split down the line. All 4 agreed that the pair of brothers find the same connection with each other as would with any of the other teammates.

“…We have the same connection that I would with any of my other teammates,” says Harry but, adding on, were Connor and Micah.

“…I will probably be more critical of Harry on the field for doing something wrong because I expect more out of him,” says Connor.

“Because of practicing together in an indoor soccer league and recently, and always being able to see each other play [Micah and Zach], there is recognition of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and that is a positive outcome of being brothers,” Micah adds.

When it winds down to the end of the year, there will be that one day when the older of the two leaves for his future ahead. Time now, is taken seriously for the brotherly relationship as this will be the only year both Frisbie brothers are on the same team for high school soccer. Moments were tense the night before rosters were announced for team placements but it was soon to be relieved.
“Honestly, when the teams got released and I saw that he [Micah] had made varsity, I think I was more happy than he was. Being able to play with your brother for the school team that you represent doesn’t always happen and I’m grateful that this has happened,” as Zach expresses his joy. However, Zach sets the same expectations and standards for Micah as a freshman on varsity as he hopes it will improve Micah’s vision towards the way the game is played, in and out of practice and games.

Even though they play different positions on the field and don’t influence each other that much while they play, they still push each other to be the best they can be and enjoy playing alongside each other. As Zach explained the connection him and his brother have on the field, it shows the companionship and connection that happen among the brothers who play together.

“I think for me it makes this season means that much more to me because I want to start my brothers high school soccer career off well and get a state championship.” Along with the companionship, intense rivalries also live among the siblings. In the Frisbie household, there is a restless Fifa Soccer game rivalry between the two brothers, as frequent arguments occur even when competing for fun.

“I just expect him to always want to beat me in whatever we do,” explained Harry.

Playing a sport with a brother, or even just living life with one, will always have its advantages. The laughter and hours of fun that connect two siblings is undeniable and the best feeling in the world.


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