Converse VS Adidas By Haley Wojciechowski

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 Have you ever stopped to think about how many kids wear Converse or Adidas? Did you ever think that there could possibly be a competition between these two brands? If you haven’t take a second think about it.

Converse came out about 40 years before Adidas did, no doubt they are still neck in neck with each other. Converse started becoming really popular with their shoes (High Tops or Low tops) just recently. Around this year is when Adidas’ shoes started to become really popular with their shoes. Converse was at the brink of bankruptcy, but they went up with there business to 1.4 million dollars. How did they do it? Well one answer is they bumped up their prices. Converse All Stars are 11% more expensive today than they were two years ago. Converse isn’t the only brand to almost go bankrupt, Adidas almost went bankrupt in the 90’s due to poor strategic decisions. In the end, both Adidas and Converse built there way back up becoming huge million dollar companies.

Taylor Gardner ’20 of West High School likes Converse more than Adidas. She has no personal reason against liking Converse more than Adidas, she just has never owned Adidas. Which means she doesn’t really dislike anything about this other brand.  She would definitely consider wearing the other brand if she had the money to buy these shoes. Since Gardner doesn’t dislike the other brand she has a few things she likes about them and has heard. She thinks they look cool and she’s heard from other people that they are very comfortable. Her favorite thing about converse is their style. “I definitely prefer high tops instead of low tops. I like how they have that option to chose between them though, because high tops support your ankles and low tops are very comfortable and easy to put on, and getting to choose is definitely as advantage,” Gardner said. “One disadvantage of having High tops for converse, is having a terrible tan line.”

Paytience Robertson ’20 of West High owns both Adidas shoes and Converse shoes. Robertson chooses Adidas over converse because, “They are comfortable, they match almost anything, and I love the style.” Robertson is a huge fan of converse, as she does own a pair of the shoes, but she usually only wears them with her leggings. She thinks that her Adidas shoes are way more comfortable than the Converse shoes she owns. “My favorite thing about my Adidas shoes are the black strips on the side. I like the style and the symbol on the back of the shoe.” said Robertson. An advantage to having Adidas is they make her fit in better because lots of people own these Adidas Shoes. A disadvantage, in Robertson’s opinion, would be that they are white and since white is easily stained, she has to worry about them getting dirty. Some things she likes about Converse is the style and the way they look with shorts. She doesn’t like how Converse doesn’t match with a lot of things she wants to wear, and how they aren’t the most comfortable with walking for a long time. 


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Converse VS Adidas By Haley Wojciechowski