Cheap Flights to Take this Summer

Cheap Flights to Take this Summer

Leen Hamza

Oh, Iowa. Its summers are packed with county fairs, fourth-of-july parades, and sweet corn galore. If you’re like me, and you find yourself a little sick of the midwest, or your chronic wanderlust has a tendency to come out in the summer, then you’ll appreciate this list of cities to visit in June for under $500 (via Skyscanner).


Roundtrips: June 7 – June 14


  • Des Moines, IA >>> Fort Myers, FL


Price: $334

Airline: Delta


  • Des Moines, IA >>> Washington, DC


Price: $312

Airline: Delta


  • Chicago, IL >>> New York, NY


Price: $143

Airline: United


  • Chicago, IL >>> New Orleans, LA


Price: $184

Airline: Delta

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