Summer Bucket List

With summer right around the corner, her are a few of some great ideas that you can do with your friends or just to get out of the house.


    • Do a photoshoot with friends
    • Beach

    • Water balloons

    • Pool
    • Cliff jumping (don’t get caught!)

    • Music festival
    • Movie day
    • Yoga
    • Try a new haircut or wardrobe
    • Have a bonfire

    • Go on a roadtrip
    • Go on a hike and watch the sun rise/set
    • Go boating or kayaking

    • Drive-in movie
    • Sleep on the trampoline under the stars
    • Go to a theme park
    • Play a fun game of sand volleyball
    • Mini golf
    • Glow bowling

  • Tie dye
  • Random acts of kindness
  • Write a letter to an old friend
  • Read a new book series
  • Sun tan
  • Icecream date
  • Look for seashells
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