Summer Drinks

Stay Refreshed this Summer!


Ivan Badovinac

Whether you are traveling to the warm Central American beaches or staying next to the Iowa poolside, you have your favorite drink of choice for staying refreshed. It can be anything from a regular Coca Cola to an extravagant virgin Mojito. Staying hydrated during the summer is a very important thing to do

Refreshing, or quenching the thirst is the most important thing when talking about summer drinks. They are supposed to cool you down and make you feel rested and energized. Ryleigh Mulcahey ’19 say, “My favorite drink during the summer would have to be a Fanta when I am in Iowa but a virgin Mojito when my family goes to Costa Rica.” She said she loves the freshness of mint in the virgin Mojito. While Mulcahey loves more extravagant drinks, Soren Schmidt ’18 on the other hand likes more popular drink, “I love the taste of a Coca Cola with ice on a warm summer day,” says Schmidt. Everyone has different tastes in drinks but the most important thing is that it is refreshing.

Along with the drink itself, the setting of where it happens is just as important. According to Ryleigh Mulcahey, “My favorite place to visit is Costa Rica, the warm beach and suntanning without thinking of school work.” For Mulcahey, Costa Rica brings her to complete calmness and nirvana. “I usually drink Coca Cola at home or at a pool with my friends,” says Schmidt who enjoys staying in Iowa during the summer. Each drink has its own special location where the taste stands out even more than usual.

Everyone has their own reason for liking a certain drink. Mulcahey says, “I love the freshness of the mint and the sweetness of the brown sugar,” she loves the taste of the virgin Mojito on a summer day. “My favorite part about Coca Cola is the coolness and sweetness of it,” says Schmidt who loves the taste of the soda. Everybody has their own certain reason for falling in love with a summer drink.

The refreshing taste of every summer drink is what everyone lives for in the treacherously hot months of Iowa summer. You can go far or stay in the safety of your own home but summer will always get to you so stay hydrated with a amazing taste of your favorite summer drink.

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