Asha Sandhu: Daredevil to Performer?

She went from being a fearless daredevil to a fearless performer.


You’re young, your parents are out of town, so what do you do? Jump off of a swing set onto a trampoline and break your elbow. Asha Sandhu ’20, daredevil then, singer and performer now.

Daredevil Sandhu? Most people who know her see her as sweet and determined but never as someone who is slightly wild.

“Both of my parents were out of town going to a competition for my sister, Rebecca. I was staying with my best friend, well she’s not my best friend anymore,” Sandhu said. “She had this trampoline and a swing set so we were bored and decided to do flips off of the swing set onto the trampoline. We had done it tons of times before but this time I decided to do a double flip instead of a single one like we usually would.”

From then on any person knew that Sandhu had done something that she would regret, the way that she was telling the story. Anyone could visualize exactly what happened and it was not a pretty sight in my mind.

“I did the double flip and landed on the bouncy part of the trampoline but I had hurt my elbow.” Her ex friend’s, whom she is no longer friends with, parents wanted to rush her to the hospital but the Sandhu clan had told them to give it a few because Asha was a “drama queen.” After awhile they finally took her to the hospital because she wasn’t showing any signs of stopping the tears from flowing out of her eyes like a stream.

Sandhu ended up having two surgeries on her elbow, and now she can’t straighten her arm at all no matter how much pressure is applied to it.

Sandhu grew up with her dad being a detective in the Air Force who moved around a lot and a mother that is a Spanish teacher at West High. “ Asha has changed my life by filling my heart with more love and joy than I ever knew was possible,” Sandhu’s mother Senora Jamie Sandhu says with pure joy in her voice.  

It was her and her sister Rebecca that really found what made them the happiest was the inspiration of performing. “I love to hear Asha sing anything at all around the house because she has such a beautiful singing voice.  I also equate singing with being happy and I always want her to be happy,” Senora exclaimed being very proud of her daughter. Performing became a part of the Sandhu sisters and will forever be a part of them.

Sandhu seems to be a very busy girl and she also likes things a certain way when it comes to performing. When she was a freshman, she was in Treble Choir with director David Haas. “I did a solo first trimester for America.” Sandhu started laughing a little bit. “I hated that solo, it sounded so bad,” apparently Sandhu has a good ear for music.

As we continued talking about choir and all of her good and bad memories, somehow we started talking about one of the most dreaded songs that we ever had to sing, Freedom Train. It was a gospel song  written about the slavery times. “I just love reminiscing on Freedom Train,” Sandhu exclaimed bursting out with laughter and the look as if she is remembering the terrible choreography that was given to the choir the day before the concert, “David Haas’ choreography is amazing; gotta love it.”

Daredevil to singer and performer? Sandhu may seem like the innocent girl who is in the performing arts but best believe she has her evil side.

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