The many types of play

Noah Krchak ’19 enjoys playing trumpet, video games and board games.



You see someone sitting, jazzing away on a trumpet. ‘Who is that?’ you wonder. Well, I’ll tell you who it is. It’s Noah Krchak ‘19, a skilled trumpeter in the jazz band. Or, he was in the jazz band. After playing trumpet since fifth grade, Krchak quit last year.

“I didn’t really like getting together into groups and playing music,” Krchak said. That’s not to say, though, that he didn’t enjoy making music. “The music part was great, it was just the getting into groups part of doing it,” Krchak said. “My experience playing trumpet was actually pretty great.” Krchak said he likes jazz music because of its ‘action’, how it goes back and forth from slow, to fast, to slow again. But jazz isn’t the only type of music he enjoys. Krchak says that he also loves listening to video game music. His favorite video game score is that of Dark Souls. “Those scores are very intricate and very cool,” Krchak said.

As for the video games themselves, Krchak said that his favorites are Destiny, Destiny 2, and Overwatch. “My brother and my father both got the game and we all played together and it made us bond really well,” Krchak said, referring to the Destiny games. “For Overwatch, it was something new. It was something hardly anyone had done before and it was fresh, and I really loved the fresh part,” Krchak added.

Another form of media that Krchak enjoys is the cinema. “My favorite movie has to be Inception,” Krchak said, referring to the sci-fi thriller from 2010 starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Krchak also said that the Star Wars movie series is his favorite series.

In addition, Krchak talked about his favorite places he’s traveled to. He said that his favorite travel destination he’s been to is Niagara Falls. “Seeing a lot of water just trickling down was one of my favorite parts there. It was awe-inspiring,” said Krchak. If Krchak could go anywhere to travel to that he has not already visited, he would go to England or Germany. “England has a lot of historical landmarks,” Krchak remarked. In Germany, Krchak wants to see World War II battle sites and the country’s scenery.

Krchak is also an avid board game fan. He attends board game club every Thursday after school. “It’s actually a really fun group,” he said. He especially enjoys grand, long boardgames such as Scythe.

His friend Danny Rompot ‘19 also attends board game club. Rompot and Krchak have known each other since elementary school. Rompot said that he likes playing board games with Krchak, especially one called Ultimate Werewolf. “Noah is an energetic person,” Rompot said. “He smiles a lot, and has a projecting voice when he opens his mouth.” Krchak is also excited for French Club. He said that he meant to join it last year, but time got away from him. This year, though, he is determined to join. “I’m actually pretty excited for that,” Krchak said.

Academically, Krchak is firmly in the STEM camp. His favorite classes are chemistry, engineering, and programming.“Chemistry, because we’re doing a lot of very fun experiments in there,” remarked Krchak, when asked what his favorite class was. Krchak said that he enjoys engineering because he feels like his projects and creations better society. Krchak likes programming because of the sense of accomplishment it creates. “When you finally get something to work, it feels like the best thing ever,” said Krchak.

In addition, Krchak’s brother, Luke Krchak ‘21, described Noah as funny and nice. Luke said that the two of them get along most of the time, although they do sometimes argue. Luke also said that his favorite activity with Noah is playing video games. Noah, on the other hand, described himself as shy. “I’m a little bit shy, but once people get to know me, I open up a lot.”


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