Getting to know Abdul

Things he is annoyed by and things he likes how he feels about life

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Abdul Ahmed ’20 started to play soccer when he was seven years old, and he hasn’t stopped since.

Ahmed loves how it feels on the soccer field.

“He says that the field feels like home.”

Ahmed feels soccer is a good way to meet new people.

Soccer is also a good way to get exercise and it is very fun. He loves soccer and he really wants to be good at it. He is an very athletic person because he really likes cross country, too. He runs everyday of the week to get better at running.

Ahmed   hates scary movies. He really likes the plot but can’t stand the scary parts.

He really likes to  eat and he wishes that he could sleep all day.

he lived in saudi arabia for 7 to 8 years of his life and then moved to america.


“Abdul says that was keeps him motivated is food.”

Food keeps him going and trying man he seems to really have a love for food. “There should be more chips in the bag and less air. No one eats air,” Ahmed said.. His is also motivated by his friend and family and garden salsa sunchips again with the food .he doesn’t like all the air that they put in the bag of chips he finds it to be not worth it and a waste of money


As for the future, Abdul wants to be a orthopaedist doctor .

The first video game or game in general for Ahmed to play was the snake game. Ahmed is not a gamer but he would give games a try except. He hates scary games and will apparently never play one for all that he lives. He also seems very open minded about music; he will listen to about anything except rock music.

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Getting to know Abdul