New Clubs at West

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When thinking of clubs, the obvious may initially come to mind—such as theater and debate. While there students may know a lot about these more established clubs, there are also plenty that students don’t even know exist. The two clubs that we will be looking at are Panda Hut and Sustainabilitrees.


Panda Hut is a brand new club at West High that centers around Chinese culture and works to involve those less familiar with China and its culture. Panda Hut is currently made up of around seven regular attenders, including Serena Chang ‘20 who takes control of advising and leading the group through activities.

Although nearly all of the current members are of Chinese descent, one of the group’s main goals is to get more people who know less about Chinese culture involved.

“I hope more foreigners can join cause basically we just have Chinese people here,” Chang said.

The group meets at 4 p.m. every other Friday in room 107 for about 30 minutes. In the last meeting, Chang lead the others through the process of making the Chinese symbol for ¨spring¨ out of paper, while club members picked their favorite Chinese songs to play. Some activities planned throughout the year include, a traditional Chinese puppet show, flying kites, and other traditional Chinese crafts. The club is currently completely student ran but Mr. Lindsey, the club sponsor plans to join the club later in the year when it better fits his schedule


Sustainabilitrees is another new club at West centered around the environment and making the world a better place. The club is currently on a temporary hiatus during the winter months but usually meets Friday 8:15 in room 16. The club was founded this year by Gracie Rechkemmer ‘18,  and Haylee Shook ‘18 who started individual clubs both focused around the environment and ended up merging them into Sustainabilitrees.

“ Our main idea was that we wanted to gather people to help protect our environment” said Rechkemmer

The club currently has around twelve regular member and several others who have attended a few of the events the club participated in.                                                                                                                               

This year so far the club has participated in multiple events including tagging monarch butterflies, working with the Iowa raptor project, and putting out recycling bins at football games. The club is primarily student ran but the club sponsor, Mr Herman, often helps the club find events to participate in.  

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New Clubs at West