Real Magic and Where to Find it

Nate Staniforth sells out the englert for his magic show

What seemed random at the start became extraordinary when the number of a dollar bill and someone’s phone number matches up exactly. Most people go to a magic show to be entertained, but at the Englert, Nate Staniforth left people amazed. Nate Staniforth was born and raised in Ames, Iowa but now he lives here in Iowa City.

His show at the Englert was on February 3rd. He starts off the show with a few smaller tricks to get people’s attention. Once he has people’s attention then he starts going for bigger tricks.

After some of his big tricks came the intermission. During the intermission I started to read his new book, titled [“Here Is Real Magic: A Magician’s Search for Wonder in the Modern World”].His book is about his journey from his starting a career in magic over in California to when he moved to India.

I have read about halfway through the book, I say that the book is great. His book is almost better than his show based off the fact that it tells his story on how he became a great magician.

After the intermission, Staniforth gathered about 20 people from the audience for one of his last tricks, all but two left for one of his latter tricks. The second half was better than the first half of the show, because he brought more people on stage. One of the last tricks was to make someone disappear, except that he was not trying to fool the audience, he was trying to fool the second person on stage.

I did have time after the show to get my book signed and he held a book talk after the show. When I got home I was able to finish the book. His show was one of the better Englert’s shows that I have attended.

Also, his book is great because it is an easy read that you could learn about magic and what it is like in India. His book is for sale for $12 at [bookstore name] and he’s touring through March 3, with the closet stop being in Columbus, Ohio on Feb. 21.

The links to his YouTube channel and a preview to his book are listed below.


Here is Real Magic by Nate Staniforth

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