Combat from the past

You can feel the tension in the air. you take your stance, ready your weapon, and prepare for battle. When you hear the battle cry you start running and swinging your sword. After the battle everyone takes a break and have some refreshments.

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Boffer fighting is a version of live action role play (LARP),it is a sport where people take foam weapons filled with thick fiberglass and fight each other. It may sound simple, but it is much more complicated than what meets the eye. For example, there aren’t designated teams. Teams are chosen for certain games, and captains are chosen if they are the last two standing in a free for all.
There are different classes of weapons; red weapons can break shields, green can stab, and blue can slash. Boffer fighting was inspired off the combat found in the book trilogy ‘The Lord of the Rings’. Boffer fighting is a sport played all around the world.

Tristan Thureson ‘21 uses this sport to bond with his uncle, who got him into boffer fighting in the first place. “We both really enjoy it and it is one of the few things we can do together because of how hard it is for us to meet up.¨ Thureson also participates in football here at west. He’s able to keep a balance between both as football is on weekdays and fighting is only weekends.

Thureson started playing at the age of twelve, ever since, he partakes in this sport on average twice a month.

“I really like boffer fighting. It allows me to fight with others in a fun and safe way.¨”

— Thureson ´21

The clan Thureson associates with called Belgarth is the second biggest clan anywhere. Belgarth broke off from the first clan called Dagorhir, formed in 1977, because they wanted everyone who played for the clan to sign a contract about what they could and could not do.


This may not be your average run of the mill sport, but with all the hard work and dedication put into this organization its obvious this old fashioned sport wont fade away anytime soon.























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Combat from the past