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School life could be stressful and sometimes we all need a day off to just relax and enjoy ourselves. Most believe that the only breaks we can get are from the big holidays such as Christmas or Thanksgiving, but in reality everyday is a holiday. There are many things you can celebrate on the most random of days. Here are a few holidays within the months that just might need a little more love.

We wrote a story about weird gifts students at west high have received. These are just a couple of questions to to help the FOJ Thoughts better understand west student’s mindset when it comes to gifts. Take the survey than compare your response to your peers.

Another story we wrote about was movies students can see over the summer to get their summer off right. If you are a huge movie watcher and believe you know everything about everything when it comes to movies, Invite some friends and play this kahoot to take your movie knowledge to the next level.

Click Here to take the movie trivia quiz.

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