the one of many talents

She can play more instruments than you ever will

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Julia Fink ’20 is very good at lots of different instruments such as the piano. She started to play piano around 2009 and has not stopped since. She feels that playing piano makes her excited and joyful and it’s fun to play. “I started with piano and it just helps me relieve stress and I have liked it ever since then,” Fink said. Other instruments she plays include the ukulele, guitar and moloko ocarina. She has ordered a band booth flute that she plans to learn how to play. Most of the instruments that Fink plays are self taught. “I am teaching myself to how play guitar,” Fink said.
She plays instruments but she also like to sing and draw. Fink post most oil drawings that she does on instagram . Fink said “When I was little, I don’t know what drew me to the instruments I play but really when I get stressed out I play the piano and it would help me calm don’tdown and I worry as much.” What a stress reliever. Fink was asked what got her into music and she said, “Because of a love of all the disney movies that i used to watch and i really liked them, especially the little mermaid because she was all about singing and i wanted to be like her. “My dad set up drums and I would sing while he played drums, because he is in a band,” Fink said. That’s how you know that your family is supportive.
Now Julia doesn’t just play all the time, she has her hobbies too. “I consider art and maybe piano to be a hobby because I don’t have time for it now that I am in high school.” You may be thinking, how does she find time to play all these instruments. Fink had an answer for that, “I really enjoys playing because at recitals I know that it will make the people happy so it’s a lot of fun and bringing happiness to others.” What really makes Fink happy is when people come talk to her about her performance. “I have had people walk up to me and tell me that it has made them feel lots of different emotions.”
She has been taking lessons during the summer ever since 6th grade; people would tell Fink that they feel happy or cry when she plays piano. Personally it make Fink feel happy and helps get rid of stress. “You don’t even have to be good at it as long as it is fun and makes you happy.” It makes a person wonder how long it would take her to practice all of her instruments Fink said, “I feel that I should practice them more than I do but for piano I practice for 30 min or an hour depending on how focused I am.”
As for singing Fink doesn’t practice as much but since she has an event coming up she must work a little more for clarinet. “I don’t play as much but when I do have music to take home I play a lot more. I play most of the other instruments on my free time after I finish my homework and art; I would usually have lessons but I am taking a break from them.” Julia Fink is one busy girl but she always finds a way to have time to play and sing. She is a normal person just like the rest of the world.

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the one of many talents