Recommendations for the Mall of America

Can’t decide where to shop in this gigantic mall? This is a mini guide as to where you could visit at the MOA.

With more than 520 stores, the Mall of America is considered one of the largest malls in America. There is something for everyone at the Mall of America, be it fashion, food, tech, or even toys. You’d think it’s only for adults who like to shop, but activities such as visiting the Sea Life aquarium, American Girl doll store, or even the mall’s very own amusement park are especially made for children. With so little time and so many stores to visit, here are my recommendations below if you ever visit MOA.


Abercrombie & Fitch: 10/10

This is located at the west part of MOA on floor two. The overall store layout is very classy and stylish with lots of walking space. There is even a waiting place with multiple comfy couches and footrests for people who are not shopping. Their fitting rooms are larger in size than the one we have at the Coral Ridge Mall. They also carry more accessories in their store such as necklaces and bracelets. The workers are all very nice and useful in regards with any questions you may have. I Would definitely recommend this for anyone that usually shops at the Abercrombie in the Coral Ridge mall.


Häagen-Dazs: 10/10

This is located at the east part of MOA on floor one. After hours of shopping, this is the perfect place to go for a tasty treat. Their sorbets and ice creams are extraordinary with special flavors such as raspberry, banana peanut butter chip or even cherry vanilla. This is just the ideal snack after a long day of shopping.


Lush: 9/10

Located in the north part of MOA on floor one, this is a store full of freshly made cosmetics. Their products include bath, shower, hair, face, body, fragrance and makeup. Lush products are both hand-made with organic ingredients and it is also 100% vegetarian. I recommend their herbalism cleanser, tea tree water toner, and enzymion moisturizer for combo to oily skin. The downside to their products are that some of their prices are expensive. However, you can always ask for samples to try before buying from their super friendly workers.


Minnesota Sea Life Aquarium: 10/10

This is located at the east part of MOA on floor one. Ticket prices are free for those under the age of three, $17.49 for three to twelve year olds, and $24.49 for those who are 13 or older. The Minnesota Sea Life Aquarium is perfect for a family vacation. They have sea creatures including sharks, sea turtles, rays, jellyfish, seahorses and more.


Nickelodeon Universe theme park: 9/10

This is located at the center of MOA. Tickets may range from $3.60 to $70.99 depending on the number of rides you would want to go on. It is entertaining for both adults and children of all ages, as it has many different activities for them to do.


Piada: 10/10

This is located at the north food court on floor three. They offer Italian street foods such as made-to-order piadas, pastas and chopped salads. The line may sometimes be very long, but it is worth it if you are a big Italian food lover. I recommend their basil pesto pasta, crispy chicken blt piada, and their summer avocado piada.


Sephora: 10/10

Located on the west part of MOA on floor two, this store is quite different from the one we have here at the Coral Ridge mall. They have stands set up for more brands such as Milk, Yves Saint Laurent, and more. Their workers are also very friendly and helpful for any questions or concerns you may have.


Swatch: 9/10

Located at the east part of the mall on floor one this is a Swiss brand selling both design and lifestyle type watches. They sell watches for both males and females of all ages. Some of the more high quality watches are waterproof, but tend to be on the expensive side. I highly recommend this for people who need watches that are both waterproof and designed to last longer.


Toms: 8/10

This is located at the north part of MOA on floor one. While we may get some of their shoe collection at stores such as Von Maur, they carry the full collection of footwear, eyewear and bags for both men and women at their store at MOA. Their overall store design is very aesthetically pleasing and the workers are all very friendly. The downside is that the prices tend to be on the more expensive side and the shoes may not last as long as some comparable brands.


Zara: 9/10

This is located at the north part of MOA on both floor one and two. This is one of the largest international fashion brands. They offer apparel and accessories for women, men and kids. I definitely recommend their entire TRF collection dedicated to teens. Almost 90% of my clothes from my childhood were from Zara. Their clothes last for a long time due to its nice quality, and it is always stylish.  Many of their items are on the pricey side, but it is worth it if you love anything related to fashion.

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