Setting up for success

Volleyball may be just a sport for you but for Hannah Kitamoto ’22 volleyball is a lifestyle


Kitamoto may have just started volleyball in the last three years, but the lessons she learned in those three years from volleyball will last her a lifetime. Volleyball is a sport that helps Kitamoto express and better herself morally. The stress of everyday routine and adding school work, social outings and trying figure out your life requires an outlet to release and be free in a healthy way. Volleyball is that solution for Kitamoto.


Kitamoto has been playing volleyball since seventh grade, and she now plays for West High Trojans and is looking forward to the season. ”I always thought volleyball was intense and requires a lot of thinking and predicting what might happen,” Kitamoto said. She felt that this sport would be the best sport for her because it wasn’t just a physical sport but a mental one as well.


”It really helps me like…cooperate, communicate support people,” Kitamoto said. Volleyball is a way that helps Kitamoto reach out and communicate with new people and it seems to be a way to help her  with confidence.”It was a volleyball tournament, we were like in our first game. We were afraid of losing and everything. But then our coach gave us a pep talk like hey, just don’t be down just look up be positive and on our second game we did way better we were on a roll, and it was really nice cause we were just like all really happy, jumping and cheering when we got points. So that was a pretty nice feeling, And it always feels good to win.”,said Kitamoto ’22

Maria Kazembia a teammate on her volleyball describes Kitamoto’s dedication to volleyball she states, “She’s really good…she takes volleyball seriously I don’t see her slack off.”


Volleyball isn’t all that Hanah does. She loves to eat and sleep like the average teenager. She always enjoyed swimming as well, listening to music (especially Charlie Puth and Ed Sheeran), traveling, and taking a Spanish class. Recently she’s traveled to Japan and parts of Asia over the summer. A born and raised Iowan who would love to travel to go see the world places like Spain for example to explore the Spanish culture and language that she’s fallen in love with.

Exploring new things and sharing new experiences seem to be a theme in Kitamotos life with exploring sports like volleyball and exploring the world but there is so much more to Hanah than traveling and sports.”So I’m a kind of person who would laugh at everything..” states Kitamoto. Kitamoto is described as giggly, quirky and kind by Kazembia she says, ”I’d say she’s…hilarious and she’s very giggly because she’s quirky.”Kitamoto’s family is a huge thing in her life she loves and adores her family the way that she can go to them with any issue and have a simple solution. The beautiful connection they share with each other Kitamoto said,“…because they always support me and they’re always like, hey, can I help you with something? This is probably why I am the person I am right now.”

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