Hearth warming creature’s hearts

A small representation of the extensive affection and dedication Sophia Davis presents to every living creature around her.


Sophia Davis riding a horse at her cousin’s farm in Washington.

Xiaoyi Zhu, WSS Intern

She has always turned her passion for animals into a pursuit of knowledge, which has been fascinating to see.”

— Mrs. Davis

In a faraway forest, a bird is singing, herds of deer are roaming, and a raccoon is sleeping. This peaceful scene would draw in anyone who catches a glimpse of it. However, not many have as much of a passion for this fantastic nature as Sophia Davis ’21. For Davis, being around and spending time with animals is a way to bring down her anxiety and stress.

“I love animals so much because I think they are all unique, smart, and funny in their own ways. They always manage to put a smile on my face,” Davis says. Before deciding to purchase rabbits as a household pet, Davis spent countless hours and days learning about different species of rabbits. “She has always turned her passion for animals into a pursuit of knowledge, which has been fascinating to see.” Mrs. Davis says. Currently, she owns two rabbits, named Sage and Scout. However, two rabbits isn’t enough for Davis to care for; she is also willing to take in injured animals. “If anyone in the neighborhood stumbles across an injured animal in their yard, they would show up on our doorstep asking Sophia for help. She has helped nurture an injured robin, goose, and several rabbits over the years.” Mrs. Davis says.

One of her favorite memories of being with animals was when she was at her second cousin’s house. At that time, she was helping her aunt’s sick dog into the car, when another dog they owned gently touched her leg. “Then I looked down [at the dog], and he’s just looking at me, and I feel like that’s like one of my favorite memories. It, like, melts my heart,” Davis said. Another pet she is hoping to care for is a puppy born from her mom’s cousin’s dog, George.

Besides interacting with animals, Davis would also like to make some contributions to the animal society by volunteering at an animal shelter next summer. She is also planning on dedicating her spare time to a program that focuses specifically on rescuing dogs. Because of her love of and interest in animals, she hopes to possibly become a veterinarian in the future possibly.

Her mother, Colleen Davis, is currently a teacher at City High and inspires Davis the most out of her family. She teaches Success Center and co-teaches English from grades 10-12. She devotes the majority of her time helping students overcome hardships at school and wants the best for her child.

“I have always tried to be a good role model for her, and I hope that she has learned a lot of lessons about how to navigate this world from the way I have interacted with her and the way I interacted with others.” Mrs. Davis says. Davis and her mother also share their values and opinions with each other. “We talk about different experiences and why and how people react and respond the way they do. We talk about the world, and the little things in life, and some of the really big things in life.” Davis has learned many life lessons from her mother. “I learned to be nice to everyone, care for everyone, and do your best to help everyone,” Davis said.



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