Photographing Her Future


Photographing Her Future
Will Haddy, 9/26/18

Sara Baroncini ‘21 is an aspiring student, and like many others, with passions goals, and accomplishments. Baroncini was born here in Iowa City and raised here as well. Baroncini sends her summers in Finland and Italy, She walks and captures the moments of the finnish harbors. And she enjoys the warm sunny beaches of Italy

More in dept Baroncini goes to these places during the summer to spend time with her family, considering that they all live their. Baroncini’s parents primarily settled here for school and career reasons. Her father owns the Italian restaurant with the same name “Baroncini’s” , Along with her parents culture, Baroncini can speak Italian. Her family in Finland can speak english, so it all works out.







This photo was taken by Baroncini in Finland. It is the Tuomiokirkko, the Finnish Cathedral.

Baroncini wants to go into business. For her future, she would like to be an accountant, or work at a financial firm. At the peak of her career, she wants to become a CEO, or president of a company. She likes sales. In fact, her favorite class was marketing and sales.
“Last year I took marketing and sales, which I thought was a very interesting class, I just liked learning all the concepts to it, I thought it was really interesting and obviously,
its part of the business field which im interested in.” said Baroncini. Last year she and her friends joined the BPA club (Business professionals of America) where they would compete against other schools. Her club went to State and won first place, qualifying for the national championship in Dallas, Texas. Although they did not win nationals, Baroncini and the club placed and had an amazing time traveling across the country for a competition. Although she doesn’t know what her business is going to be yet, Sara is clearly ready to take on the business world. “ Sara is a very determined and driven person, which is why I value her goals in the business field” said Baroncinis mother Katja.

Sara has a lot of hobbies. As read before she likes photography and she likes culture in life as she told “My favorite part of being in california was probably the spanish culture “. When it comes to photography Baroncini loves to capture the moment with her Canon camera. “I’m really interested when I go places, and I’m always taking pictures.” sais Baroncini She also takes photos for her friends as well. “She’s a really good photographer, and likes to get the right angles.” said Baroncinis friend Abbey McKeone ‘21.

Sara has an ambitious future, but enjoys the days capturing the moments and having fun with her friends, but most of all she loves to travel.

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