The Lego Makeover

Sam Westergaard 21' is changing the faces of our beloved toys.

While watching YouTube in 2011, a Lego mini-figure showcase and a few stop-motion videos spurred Sam to start making customized mini-figures of his own.

Later that year, Sam promptly started his first project: four custom Lego clone troopers. He started with Star Wars characters because it was the theme of a video he watched, titled “Weird Al Yankovic’s: Yoda (Lego style)”. After making them, he was completely engrossed by the endless possibilities and started his next project. When it comes to finding time to work on his “micro-verse”, he “usually finds time on the weekends or after his homework”. When asked, Sam said it usually takes him about two evenings depending on the homework load, but he can pull one off in 1-3 hours if he really dedicates himself to it.

When asked about what kinds of mini-figs he makes, Sam said “The list is way too long. In short I make marvel, dc, star wars, breaking bad, and just other random mini-figs.” When it comes to the customizing process itself, Westergaard said “I only use Lego mini-figures, Lego pieces, paint, and sharpie markers.” With these tools alone, Sam has made 60 mini-figures including Bumblebee, Freddie Mercury, Kylo Ren, and more, and to this day continues making customized Lego masterpieces.

To learn more about Sam, click the link:

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