Melodies Everywhere

Through thick and thin, Sydney Wildes ´21, has always stuck to her music


Sydney Wildes' guitar

Sydney Wildes ‘21 is passionate about numerous things. She likes to travel, try new things, do sports, but most of all, she loves music. “My mom is a piano teacher, and she’s also a pretty well recognized singer in like the church congregations and things, so like, I’ve kinda grown up with music.” Wildes said. Sydney Wildes learned to play the piano, her first instrument when she was three and eventually stopped playing this instrument when she was 11.

I can just put my earbuds in and tell myself, it’ll be okay, it’s gonna be okay. Music gets me through everything.”

— Sydney Wildes

It’s been a long ways and she can now play eight instruments. This is a rare and hard thing to achieve. These instruments are, the french horn which is her main instrument, trumpet for show band, the cornet, the malaphone, the guitar, the yukalaylee, the piano, and finally, the saxophone.
Sydney’s favorite instrument is the guitar. She is self taught at this instrument, and teaches herself how to play songs. Wildes started writing her own songs when she was nine years old, she still does so today “ i write some of my own songs, i don’t think I’ve ever played any of my songs for anybody, but like, i’m trying to get myself to like, play them for people.”
Sydney wildes says that her mother’s home is more musical right now, seeing that she has two pianos in the basement. “ if i have like, four friends over, we’ll do down there, and we’ll have two at each piano and we’ll play.”
Sydney Wildes takes part in many musical activities, including marching band. “ it’s like we’re all in a group and we’re all in a family.”
Wildes likes older music like the Beatles. She also loves Broadway musicals and knows almost all the lyrics to “Hamilton.” She has different tastes in music, but when it comes to her instruments, she doesn’t care about the genre of music it falls in, she just listens to the melodic rhythms pulsing through the air.
When Wiles was in ninth grade, she got diagnosed with dyslexia. Sydney’s dyslexia can be very hard and frustrating sometimes. There are times when her music notes somehow change and move, but when she get upset she knows that in the end she can lean back on her friends for comfort and support.
“ i can just put my earbuds in and tell myself, it’ll be okay, it’s gonna be okay.” when facing hard times music is always her aid. “Music gets me through everything.”
Sydney has always tried to be confident in herself and find a solution to all her problems.“I just don’t think that i should be ashamed of what I’ve done because it makes me who I am.”

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