john andorfer 21

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If you could have one superpower what would it be? For John Arndorfer ’21 it would be flying. Arndorfer moved 250 miles from Omaha, Nebraska. Arndorfer attended Regina for one year then this year transferred to West High.
When Arndorfer lived in Omaha, he helped his team to win the state basketball game. Arndorfer shot free throws and tied up the game and eventually lead the team to winning in overtime.
Arndorfer also plays soccer, although he hasn’t played in a few years and is still debating whether he wants to get back into club soccer or play for West.
“I didn’t like Regina because we had to wear uniforms and honestly the girls here are a lot nicer and prettier besides West is more relaxed with rules and it’s a lot more fun than Regina.” said Arndorfer. Arndorfer is a firm believer in schools not having a uniform.”It’s easy to choose what to wear in the morning but it’s not a lot of fun, everyone looks the same and it’s boring.”

Paul Pogba is his favorite professional soccer player. Pogba is French but playing for Manchester United, making 15 million dollars a year and is a central midfielder for this team. He is really good at his job. As is shown by him and his team win vs loss record and the amount of medals that they win (find out why he is his favorite).

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john andorfer 21