Wrestling season preview

The details about the next wrestling season, and what newcomers and returning wrestlers should know.

Jibreel Ahmed Mustefa

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 Wrestling season will start soon,with wrestling legend Nate Moore as the new head coach,Practice will be held  in the newly renovated wrestling room. the first official practice will be Nov. 12.a lot has changed for the wrestlers.


West high has just renovated the wrestling room by replacing and updating its wall pads, and adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls. The renovation is part of the many sports-related renovations that have and will happen in these recent years.          

A picture of the Wrestling room being renovated



New head coach Nate Moore, wrestled for West High, was a former Hawkeye, and was coached by the former coach, who resigned last year. Former head wrestling coach Mark Reiland led West and many individuals to state many times.“They should know that even with a new head coach in place a lot of the same expectations are going to apply,” said Athletic Director Craig Huegel.


Students who wish to start wrestling should know that they need a current physical and a permission to practice form which they can get from the athletic office. If they have any questions they should ask Coach Pudil.


According to Sheila Stiles, The Athletic Trainer, the most common wrestling injuries she is confronted with are concussions, ankle sprains, shoulder injuries and skin diseases, To prevent ankle sprains one should work on their balance and strength of their ankles, for shoulder injuries strengthening one’s body so its is less susceptible to shoulder injuries.


“We’re going to be young, we graduated a lot of seniors, but we do have a lot of returning wrestlers with some talent and experience, I think we’ll be competitive,” Huegel said. A lot of the wrestlers from the previous year have graduated and there will be lot of new wrestlers this year especially from the freshmen class.


Jesus Gonzalez ‘21

Jesus Gonzalez ‘21 who did wrestling at Southeast but did not in freshman year is one of the many new faces to Iowa City West wrestling. He is returning to wrestling “because it is fun”and finds the most exciting part of wrestling to be the competition.                                                                                                            




Brock Pelfrey ‘20 has done wrestling ever since he was 4 years old, he took a break last year due to an injury during football season but plans on doing wrestling this season. Brock does Wrestling because it is fun for him and “It’s pretty much just a good atmosphere, lot of fun people around” he recommends that people doing wrestling this year run and work on their endurance because endurance is a very big thing in wrestling it also takes a big part of wrestling practice and heavily affects how well you do, Pelfrey recommends you run for endurance even when there’s no practice or you get out early for practice.

Brock Pelfrey ‘20 on the right and his also wrestling friend on the left





Click this link to see the wrestling after the renovations  in VR (The experience is better on the app)

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Wrestling season preview