Renee Gould Photography


Was walking home and came over the hill to see this! I couldn't help but take a quick photo! -Featured

I saw this makeshift frame in the Ceramics room, perfectly framing the tree outside. Couldn’t help but take a photo!    -Aperture


It’s been an hour trying to figure out this new game… at least we’ll be well prepared to start playing!   -Event 1
Beginning to put the game together now, MUCH harder than I originally expected!   -Event 2
Finished our first month! We managed to win, though it was a stretch! This is the board game; Pandemic Legacy. Much more difficult than the original Pandemic game! You play month by month, with objectives that you have to complete. You get only two chances to win a game! There are even long-lasting effects! Sadly, this makes it a one-play-only game.   -Event 3
Was walking by this shard of glass when I saw the reflection of my friend’s dress. I could resist making her stop to take a photo!   -Framing
Went out into my backyard to get my dogs (who were barking at my neighbor), and saw this out of the corner of my eye!   -Light
Was walking up the stairs, the ones with the massive windows, and couldn’t help but take a quick photo of this.   -Free Form 2
Ran out after my dogs again was stunned by the sunset. Knew I had to document it!   -Free Form 3
Walking to my third-period class, and I was struck by the way the hallway funnels into a distant point of light.   -Leading Lines

My photography gallery consists mainly of photos of nature, often times with some aspect of human interference, such as windows, buildings, benches and other man-made objects. Before this project, I rarely took photographs, and this project has helped me to document the everyday beauties in my life. My family can attest; I have run outside in the morning or night to take photos, and I’ve been late walking home several times due to getting distracted by something I want to take photos of. I’m hoping that soon I’ll be getting a digital camera! Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

My friend dropped her ring onto these leaves on accident, when I went to pick it up for her, I was struck by how much it looked like a shiny berry!   -Free Form 1
Anum Ansar studying for her Algebra II Honors class!   -Portrait
I fell on the way to school, looked up and was greeted by this sight! I couldn’t help but take a photo, glad that I didn’t break my phone.  -Worms Eye View
I asked my friend, Isolina Quiñones Anderson, to let me take a photo of her inspired by Vivian Maier… This is what I got back. Oh well, I love her like a sis, even when she’s doing this!   -Vivian Maier Inspired
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