Finding a Senior Photographer

Headshots By Angela Majerus

Choosing a senior photographer is a lot harder then you would expect. Going into your senior year you don’t know what to expect and picking a senior photographer is the last thing that is on your mind. But it’s not just a picture, it’s a picture of you, your personality, and anything that makes you, you.

Ivy Towler is a photographer here in Iowa City. She started doing photography in 2011 and started taking pictures of seniors the following year in 2012. She does all type of photos from commercial to boudoir photos (Lingerie clothing) but what she is known for the most is her senior photos. 

Every year Ivy has a team of seniors called her model reps. With doing these model reps she gives the upcoming seniors, aka juniors, a chance to be on her team for their senior year. She started doing model reps to get her name out there because she was just starting a business. “I had to get my name out early in the year to let seniors know it’s time to book and I wanted to fill my schedule for the year and keep me busy.” Ivy Towler photography.

With every year of seniors coming and going Ivy makes sure she makes a connection with every one of them. She doesn’t want her seniors to have their senior session and leave she wants them to remember that day for the rest of their lives. It’s not just your senior photos it’s an experience that you should be excited for and have fun with it. “They (Seniors) love getting their picture taken. They are creative they get to show off their different style, and they are young which makes you feel more vibrant.” She wants every one of her seniors to have the best time when doing their sessions. From personal experience of being on Ivy’s team for the past year, she has made my senior year one to remember. You can get the perfect lighting, edited photos, concept shoots but with Ivy, it’s not just about the photos, it is about a time that you want to remember forever and she captures that with every photo she takes. “You get a relationship that’s not just something you pay for with a coffee.”

Last year when I was trying to look for a senior photographer I had no clue who I wanted to take them. After seeing Ivy’s photos I knew right away that I wanted her to take my photos. So after talking with Ivy at a meeting that I signed up for in early March I became a member of her model rep team and scheduled a date for my senior photos to be taken. Being on her model rep team means that Ivy would take my senior photos, I would be invited to concept shoot and get a chance to enter the national modeling contest. When the first concept shoot came up I was super nervous because I had no clue what I was doing or how to pose and anything about modeling. So when I got to set and actually started to shoot with Ivy she made me feel so comfortable and directed me with what to do.

When it was time for my senior session I was excited but I was still nervous because concept shoots and senior sessions are two different things. Ivy was very hands on during my session and talked me through the whole day and what we were going to be doing. While I was getting my hair and makeup done she was going through my outfits and choosing what she thought would look best for my photos. Ivy made my senior session so fun and she let me do the things I wanted but also gave me direction through the entire thing. I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to take my senior photos because Ivy has made my senior year one to remember with all the great times and the memories we have had together. If you’re a junior and you haven’t chosen a photographer to take your senior photos Ivy Towler is the perfect person to choose because of the passion and love she has for every senior she takes photos for.

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