Food review from a picky eater’s perspective

Caroline Chandler ‘21 has been a picky eater pretty much since day one. In this food review, she tries a range of foods from Trader Joe’s and gives her honest opinion on what to check out from Trader Joe’s.

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From an early age, I’ve always been a picky eater. When I was three years old, I refused to eat my lunch unless I was able to eat it “picnic style.” This consisted of me sitting on a blanket on the ground eating my lunch. I’ve tried to be more adventurous in my eating options but I’ve always found myself going back to my core foods. So for this review, I wanted both to try things that I may enjoy but also step out my comfort zone and try foods I am not particularly fond of, but that I may end up enjoying.  So I decided to head on over to Trader Joe’s in search of dishes that would not only meet the demands of my picky eater status, but also my fellow picky eaters of the world.


Fruit Frenzy Bars- This fruit bar has three distinct layers of raspberry, lemon, and strawberry. The overall flavor of the three layers is fresh and juicy. The first layer is the raspberry layer, which has a somewhat tart flavor with a light texture to it as this layer has the raspberry seeds in it. The next layer is the lemon layer, and this has the taste of fresh squeezed lemonade in a solid form. It has the perfect mixture of both tart and fresh flavors. Strawberry is the third and final flavor of this fruit frenzy bar, and I would have to say this is my least favorite out of the three flavors. I find this one to be the least unique tasting out of the three. While it does taste good, I could find the same flavor in other fruit bars. Overall, I would recommend the fruit frenzy bar as a refreshing treat on a hot summer day.


Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches- This ice cream sandwich is described on the box as being a “vanilla ice cream sandwiched between chocolate chip cookies and rolled in mini chocolate chips.” The best part of this ice cream sandwich would definitely be the abundant amount of mini chocolate chips surrounding the vanilla ice cream. With every bite, you can almost guarantee a bite of chocolate chips. The ice cream has a simple, but a classic vanilla flavor that when paired with the somewhat dryer texture of the cookie, it matches up for the perfect ice cream sandwich for any time of the year.


Lemongrass Chicken Stix- The flavor of this is very unique. Within the pastry casing, you have chicken with a very distinct lemongrass flavor. The exterior shell of pastry has a slight crunch to it and the lemon flavor is present with just one bite. The interior is filled with chicken and some of what I assume to be cilantro. The lemongrass flavor is too overpowering and takes away from the chicken. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who dislikes strong, pungent flavors but this is perfect for any foodie, or anyone who likes to dive into big flavors.


27 Layer Sesame Crossini- This was hands down the best thing that I tried. This is a light and fluffy croissant dough topped with sesame seeds. The pastry has the classic taste of any baked pastry, and the sesame seeds add a nice kick of flavor. The layers of pastry are defined and look like a pastry that you might find at an artisan bakery. I would recommend this to anyone that likes pastries and this would be a good option to have if you happen to be hosting people.  


Fettuccine Alfredo with Grilled Chicken- This is a classic pasta dish, and Trader Joe’s does a good job of keeping it that way. This dish was quick and easy to make. The chicken was juicy, not too dry. This dish is tasty, and if you happen to find yourself at Trader Joe’s in need of a pasta dish, I would recommend picking this up. However, this dish isn’t overwhelmingly unique as you can find this at any other grocery store.


Overall, I would say this was a successful trip to Trader Joe’s. The only item that wasn’t to my liking was the lemongrass chicken stixs. My favorite food that I tried would most definitely have to be the 27 layer sesame crossini. To sum up, I would recommend the foods that I tried as they appeal to a wide range of taste preferences.



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Food review from a picky eater’s perspective