Trouble in Battle Royal Paradise


Lataeja Brown, WSS intern

Is “Apex Legends” better than “Fortnite”?
Fortnite, The battle royal game that all teens and kids were ecstatic over now has a rivalry. A few months ago, a new battle royal game was released. A battle royal game is a video game genre that blends survival, exploration and scavenging elements.
Many people resorted to dumping Fortnite for the new battle royal game, but many other people felt that Apex was absolute shit and would never be better than Fortnite. Since the game has been released on Feb. 4 many new reviews and game plays have come out for it. However, Fortnite has won many awards since it was released, like the Teen Choice Award for Choice video game, Best Ongoing game and Best Multiplayer game. The compare and contrast between the two games have been more frequent since the new battle royal game was released. Some people like Fortnite better and others think that Apex is better than Fortnite. Lots of other people have mixed emotions about the battle Royal games, some loving them both. Like Brown ‘19 “I love them both but I can never win.” he stated.
The internet freaked out about the new Battle Royal game when the biggest gaming Youtuber, Ninja, played it. “Apex is better by far. Its more fun, community is better, no cringey dances, weapons are more realistic, games are less repetitive, It’s very easy to get good at the game, different characters have different abilities to appeal to different play styles and it has a bigger map and it’s easier to communicate with your tear without a mic.” Loki ’21 said. Overall, both the games are pretty great. I honestly think that they would make a lot more money if they did a collab and made something for both the Fortnite and Apex lovers. I recommend both of the games if you’ve never played them.

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