Dog opinions

You lay down on the ground tired from school and your dogs come over and kiss you face. You get up fast cause it's a lot and it's gross but you chuckle anyways, at least they tried. Dogs are amazing animals and are loyal and fun creatures to own. This is something even cat people can admit. Not all are good but that's cause of treatment. If given a choice, there are lots of dog breeds to choose from.


Fergus, is the medium haired dachshund but he is only a tiny young one here. Dachshunds such as this one and his brother are known for being energetic loving to run and leap and swim. Despite appearance, these dogs are quite ferocious to other prey animal. These attributes are mainly for the dogs shown in the pictures not for all dachshunds.

The kinds of dogs are energetic as mentioned before. They are small and tend to get in the way a lot. There is the possibility of breaking their backs when too much weight is on their back. These dogs however are fun for younger ones with just as much energy. Dogs like Fergus, or just long haired and medium haired dogs tend to need to be groomed after a while to get their fur back to normal and being comfortable. They, like all dogs, require constant attention and have a chance after being fixed to grow different than they normally are. Such as the other example which is one named Mickey. All dogs are lovely animals really and it’s hard to say not loving them is easy.

All and all, these dogs are good for young kids and are also loyal companions. They are a bit expensive but are otherwise good dogs.

Pit bulls came from a breeding of old english bulldogs in the United Kingdom. The reason these dogs are often considered to be vicious is because early on in their history they were used in dog fights. These dogs were practically trained to be bad and even then they aren’t that bad. They are also protective of themselves when in trouble or in pain such as abuse. Pit bulls are dangerous dogs, if treated wrong, the onein the picture Ryker is a marshmallow once you get to know him.

Over all, Pitbulls when treated right are amazing dogs. Energetic but not too energetic as some of the other dogs mentioned in this story. They aren’t as crazy in old age but when young can become anyone’s best friend. They like all dogs just want love.

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