Avengers Endgame for Dummies

Here is my take on the newly released, Avengers: Endgame. There are major spoilers in this article, plus my opinion on the movie as a whole.


The world was taken by storm when the first Avengers movie came out in 2012. I mean, how would it not? Everyone’s favorite superheroes all fighting together to save the world! The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has many movies that include solo films for a certain superhero, and movies where many of them work together, all of which I have seen. (Not bragging)

“Avengers: Endgame” was the last Avengers movie where all of the superheroes would be working together, which most people would upset about and at first, so was I, but OH MY GOODNESS this movie did not leave me disappointed.

Ok I know I said spoiler warning earlier, but you should stop reading for real now if you haven’t seen it. In the previous movie, Thanos, the big purple evil dude, tries and succeeds in finding the Infinity Stones. There are 6 of them and they are very powerful, controlling time, power, reality, soul, space, and the mind. With the magic stones, Thanos puts them on to a gauntlet, snaps his fingers, and half the living things in the universe go bye bye.

The superheroes start talking about how to get people back five years after that catastrophe. All the remaining people are all sad and they are like OMG what if we found out a way to undo it? Everyone agrees and Iron Man, the red metal guy, finds out a way to time travel. Now that they can time travel, the whole gang decides to split up and go to different times and places in the past to get the stones, that way they can make their own glove and snap all the missing people back into existence.

Captain America, Iron Man, Ant Man, and Hulk go back to New York and they get 3 of the 6 magic stones.

While that group takes care of those 3 stones, Hawkeye and Black Widow go to this random planet named Vormir to get another magic stone. However, one of them has to sacrifice their life for the other one to get it. Hawkeye and Black Widow are all sad and trying to be heroic and save the other person, but Black Widow ends up yeeting herself off the cliff. Sounds stupid, but she did that so that Hawkeye wouldn’t die so he would see his family again.

In another group, Thor and Rocket go to Thor’s home planet to get another stone.

The final group, Nebula and War Machine go to this other planet called Morag to get another stone. It is all fine and dandy until Nebula runs into her past self who is still evil and the evil one figures out the whole time travel plan and tells it to Thanos. GASP. Once all the stones are back, the Hulk puts on the glove with all the magic rocks on it and snaps and YAY it works the other half of the universe is back. Except one tiny problem, Thanos knows the plan so he crashes his ship on earth and tries to get the gauntlet to revert the world back again.

The epic fight scene happens here and all the dead superheroes come back through Doctor Strange’s portals. Well, all except Black Widow, she’s still dead because she sacrificed herself. RIP. Anyway, all the Avengers fight Thanos and there are epic references to the earlier movies in these scenes. To end the fight, Iron Man finds out that the only way to kill Thanos is to put on the glove himself and snap, but the dilemma here is that doing this will kill him. Iron Man puts the glove on and saves the world. I honestly thought this was the perfect end to Iron Man’s life, I loved his character arc as a whole. He started off in the first movie as selfish so it was cool to see him be so selfless. This was super sad and really emotional for all the super-fans that were in the theater with me when I saw this, including me.

After the epic battle, all the heroes go back to their life and have a funeral for Iron Man. Also, Captain America retires and gives his fancy shield to Falcon.

Some people left the movie feeling depressed that this was the last movie where all the original heroes would be working together, and I was sad too, but I was satisfied. This movie exceeded my expectations as far as cinematics and plot. It was super thought out and I loved how it had so many references to older movies. That being the case, someone who maybe hasn’t seen all the Marvel movies would most likely be very confused, and wouldn’t get to experience the full effect of all the little throwbacks. That, in my opinion, is what made the movie the best I have ever seen. The directors catered towards all the fans who have been super invested in the saga which was cool since normally movie makers try to cater to everyone.

The only bad side to the movie is that people who don’t normally watch Marvel movies would be very confused. This is mostly because of the time travel and all the characters that you have to know from past movies. The cast is huge, and not knowing one character can be a huge plot hole.

I did have tears constantly running down my face throughout the movie, but for every tear there was a little happy smile to go with it.”

That being said, I personally would give the movie 5 stars. It really exceeded my expectations of what a movie should be and it was cool that literally none of it I would have predicted. I spent hours coming up with theories before I saw the movie, and none of them were nearly as good as the end result. I would totally recommend watching this movie, especially if you love Marvel, but only if you have taken the time to watch every other MCU movie. And if you haven’t, you should start now, because there is something for everyone in each marvel film, and every person can find someone to relate to. Whatever you do, do not watch Avengers: Endgame without watching the other movies.

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