In Spirit


Sarajane Whittaker

“Meme day would be fun”

  • Evelyn Correa


“I don’t know”

  • James Taddonio


“Comfy day, I would probably were my pajamas”

  • Errol Alden


“Comfy day, green and gold”

  • Ella Smith


“Comfy day, meme day”

  • Erin Netolicky


“Nothing to be honest”

  • Emma Hall

“Comfy day is everyday, green and gold”

  • Zach Anderson


“Green and gold, I love green and gold, meme day would be nice”

  • Anna Moore


“Green and gold day, no school day is awesome, it is cool to have no school”

  • Ronan Smith


“Green and gold, comfy day”

  • Carmela Cohen
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