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Hana Abou Alaiwa ’23 cello player


Presumably a wild rose flower, planted across the street from the Old Capitol Mall. The wild rose is Iowa’s state flower. Photo taken May 12th, 2017.

” My personality is something I love about myself””

— Hanna



My name is Naeji Washington and today I interviewed a fellow student Hana Abou Alaiwa who is a freshman at West High School. You may be wondering who is Hana? What makes her unique? What made Hana who she is now? Well that is what I am here to tell you all about today

Hana is 5’1,with beautiful brown hair,pearly white teeth, and has a great life to share. Hana has been traveling in and out of the country since before most of us could even spell country she has traveled to France,London, Dubai,Doha and Lebanon. Although a few of those trips were because she needed to be at the airport in those places she still experienced being there.

Hana has 3 younger sisters whose relationships and bonds she cherishes very much. Lea who is 8 and Hana have a very strong bond for a couple of reasons, one of which is that they are closer in age making it just a touch easier for them to talk and do things they love together. Next there is Sara who is 8 years old Hana and Sara get along very well and bond over their talks about friends,school, and life in general. Last but not least there is Mila who is 4 years old Hana and Mila bond by playing with toys and watching TV together.

I asked Hana a few get to know you questions and here are the questions as well as her response.


Question:What are three things that you love about yourself

Answer:My hair if i have a bad hair day I feel like my whole day is off,my personality  and my height” 

Note:Her personality is something that makes her so unique in so many ways, one of which is the fact that she does not let others get her down. She also mentioned that although she does complain about it alot she loves her height.


Question:What activities do you and your family take part in when you visit Lebanon?

Answer:We go eat at some of our favorite restaurants and go sightseeing and we generally just hang out together as well” 

Note:When Hana and her family went sightseeing they went to a cave where sadly they were unable to take pictures. Still being there and experiencing that as a family made her happy enough to even be there whether or not she could take pictures.


Question: Do you intend to continue playing cello and piano? 

Answer:Well actually my parents made me play piano but even though they made me im still happy I did it and I still enjoy it” 

Note:Playing the cello was a decision that Hana made on her own and she is glad that she did.

That is all that I have to share with you all today I really enjoyed interviewing Hana and intend to strike up more conversations in and out of class with her

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