The Future is Just ‘Boeglin’ing

The journey of Olivia Boeing reaching her dreams going into a tough career.


Imagine, sitting at your lofty desk, completely and utterly satisfied with your accomplishments. The empire you have built from the ashes of your burning passion and motivation. Going from dreaming to being. It feels good to be your own boss, and that’s exactly what Olivia Boeglin ’23 plans to become. Boeglin is thought to bring some new perspective to the business world.

Boeglin has a dream to be the CEO of her own company. “I’m not sure what greater services it would provide, but I just prefer to be my own decisions,” Boeglin said. Her ideas reach far when she dreams of becoming a CEO. Boeglin said that she will use the advancements of social media to get her ideas across. She believes that the world has taken advantage of this wonderful gift that is right at our fingertips. She plans to get her business involved on many different platforms so she can reach out to as many people as possible.

Boeglin has always been independent and successful. The key to success starts with planning her daily schedule, finding motivation in the things she enjoys or doesn’t enjoy, and always using variety in her day to day life so she can learn things and gain new skills. Another one of her goals is to include that variety by incorporating new clubs, classes, and sports into her year.

She plans on taking Intro to Business and entrepreneurship, Accounting, as well as joining BPA. She plans to major in marketing during college as well. But that’s not all, she is currently doing band, orchestra, learning Chinese, and is on the JV cheer squad.


Boeglin’s ideas and aspirations have come a long way, but even starting in kindergarten, she was thinking of her future when she met one of her best friends, Ella Scott ’23. 

“Even when we were little she was always dreaming of what she could to be,” said Scott. Scott had even mentioned that the two of them would draw iconic clothes and talk about becoming the next big fashion designer. Age never stopped Boeglin from setting high standards and accomplishing them.

Boeglin’s motivation starts with a simple goal. Each day she sets an overall goal to achieve. “My motivation comes from wanting to meet my goals, whether big or small,” Boeglin mentioned. “And I want to be successful now and be able to set up so I can have a better future.” Her overall biggest goal she has set is to get into an IV League school that she would love. Her ideal school would be Penn State University because of it’s amazing business program. Her daily goal is more flexible depending on how she is feeling that day or what she needs to work on. But she tends to repeat the goal of; working hard and having fun with her friends. This applies to her being productive but not consuming her whole life with school or extracurriculars like band, orchestra, clubs, and cheer.

Already in her freshman year, Boeglin has set her major goals, planned her steps to achieve them and create a system that allows her to absorb as much information as she can. Boeglin’s outlook on her ambitious objective is very positive. She believes that she can do almost anything she puts her mind to as long as she enjoys what she does. 

“I think it is really important to do something that I like doing, and I think that it’s very beneficial now to start trying different things,” Boeglin said. 

Although Boeglin has accomplished much at her young age and plans on achieving more, she always looks up to the phrase, “Don’t just exist, live.” She interprets it as a reminder to make an important impact on society. “I always focus on my goals so I can work hard and have fun with my friends in whatever I am doing.”

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