Salvaging Your Summer

Though it may seem as if our dull Iowa town has nothing left to offer, Serendipity reveals local activities to spice up your #summer2k16.

Anjali Huynh, WSS Intern

Your life is over. You just finished the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy in tears, with the disheartening realization that this was the final remaining show that even slightly piqued your interest. Your friends have all abandoned you for exotic, faraway places you could only dream of. It’s June, barely a week after school has ended, and you’re already bored beyond belief.

If this sounds familiar to you, look no further – this guide is here to save you from this familiar summer crisis, rescuing your summer one local activity at a time. From art festivals to outdoor concerts, our diverse city is overflowing with places to be and events to see that will quench your summer thirst for innovative staycation alternatives.


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