2019 Movie Review

What movies hit the mark and which movies fell short


Sarah Callanan, WSS intern

In 2019 I decided to go to the movie theater more and watch more movies and in the past few weeks I watched these three movie all very different movies. I found what I like and do not like through some of these movies and I highly advise to watch 2/3 of these.


¨Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil and Vile¨:

¨Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil and Vile¨ gave me actual chills and was nothing like I was expecting. This movie took the Ted Bundy case and showed a perspective that would otherwise never been shown, the perspective of Bundy’s then fiancee Elizabeth Kloepfer. Before this movie I had never seen Zac Efron in anything serious and dark but, to my surprise he completely killed (no pun intended) the role of a  serial killer. There were multiple times in this movie where I was genuinely afraid of Efron as Ted Bundy and had to look over my shoulder to make sure there wasn’t anyone coming to murder me. Lily Collins also played her part super well and radiated just what Kloepfer went through. Usually movies based off real life events are very exaggerated and cheesy but, this movie was well thought through and for the most part accurate (from my research). The one thing I was afraid of was whether or not it would be gory but, although their were some gruesome clips it was not the whole movie nor was it unnecessary.   I would highly recommend this movie even if you do not enjoy thrillers.

¨Avengers: End Game¨:

For someone who has seen one marvel movie in the past 15 years of my life I would have never picked to see this movie if there was anything else out that look remotely interesting but, luckily for me this was the only somewhat intriguing movie in theaters. Starting off the movie I had a foggy conception of what was happening but, as I got deeper into the movie I found myself actually enjoying and understanding it way more than I thought I would. I have one critique though and it is the length of the movie (3 hours) after seeing the movie I felt that I missed my whole night. Now that I have seen this movie I feel as though I have entered a special club of the majority of people that have seen ¨End Game¨ and I feel in the loop of memes and posts about it.


¨The Hustle¨:

Going into this movie I was not expecting anything but, a movie that is so bad it makes it good because honestly those are the best movies to watch in theaters. To my disappointment this movie was not good but, not bad enough to make fun of. In this Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson play con artists that cross paths and are fighting to see who is the best con artist out of the two of them. They decide to figure out who is the best by both trying to swindle the same man out of $500,000. This movie had only one redeeming quality which was it was not predictable I never knew what was going to happen next but, at the same time I did not really care. Overall, this movie was not worth the money but, was a good time filler. The only thing this movie “Hustled” was my money for the ticket.

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