An argument against Bernie

Gary Chen, WSS Intern

With the 2020 election nearing, people have started researching and considering candidates. With all the possibilities there’s obvious to be some good and bad ones. First, we take a look into the bad side. Specifically, democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.

With Sander’s failed 2016 presidential attempt, he is back at it again in 2020. As a candidate supporting socialism, abortion, and free college, he is the image of a traditional Democrat.

First off, there has already been numerous examples of Socialism destroying countries. One that comes to mind is the Soviet Union. A combined system of ownership in the U.S. would bring disaster, making the poor poorer and the rich richer. Socialism destroys the concept of private property that many Americans value.

Free college would be an economic disaster on our country. We are currently $22 trillion in debt, and free college would either pile on to that immense debt or raise tax levels to an unpayable amount.

Abortion is another heated topic he has covered, stating that “Abortion is a women’s right.” However, this does not take into consideration the many woes of abortion, such as the consideration of fetus lives, and being literal murder.

So remember, if you want a candidate that suppresses the poor, takes your property, and wants murder, then Bernie is your guy. Otherwise, please vote for a more sensible, and reasonable candidate, such as Trump.

Trump’s slogan, promises made, promises kept, has been held true throughout all of his term. He said he would lower unemployment. In 2018, unemployment was down 6% from Obama’s term. He promised he would start building the wall, and we can already see segments being put up.

For a promise keeping, hard working, presidential candidate, please choose Trump. He will Make America Great Again with his progressive vision for the future.

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