What to do in the Summer in Iowa

With a lot of days to go through summer sometimes is a lot of sitting around but with these ideas your summer will be a blast


Sarah Callanan, WSS intern


There are so many places you can picnic on a deck, local park, or in front of the old capitol building. Not only does having a picnic take up time of the day but, planning a picnic takes up time as well making it an all day affair. Some essential things to bring to a picnic are a blanket, some great food, and things to do such as a frisbee. My favorite place to picnic is in front of the Old Capitol Building in Iowa City.

Play childhood games

Nothing is better than childhood nostalgia so playing games that remind you of your childhood is the best time of all especially now that everyone is older and more competitive. One of the best games is SPUD which is a game where you and your friends all get assigned numbers and one person throws up a ball and calls out a number then the person with that number tries to catch it while everyone else runs away and once they have it in their hand they yell spud and have three steps towards someone and they throw the ball at them and it it hits them they get a S and if the person catches it they get a S. Once someone has spelled out SPUD they lose and the game is over.


Go for some outdoor ice cream

Being able to refresh after a long hot day in summer is beyond heavenly and getting ice cream is the perfect refresher. The best places to get ice cream are ice cream stores such as Danes Dairy or the Dairy Queen in Iowa City because not only can you refresh with ice cream you can also get to be outside. Another advantage of getting Ice cream at one of these places is they are the perfect place to get a good aesthetic picture for your Instagram or VSCO.   


Drive in movie

Although the closest drive-in movie, is about a hour away from Iowa city. It is such a fun activity to get all your friends to go to. This activity gets you out of your daily summer routine and get you away from Iowa City. Not only is actually watching the movie a good time driving down to the drive-in movie will be fun as well.


Cliff jumping

Like most teens in Iowa you may be searching for an adrenaline rush and this is the perfect activity to do so. There are many places around Iowa City that have the perfect cliffs to jump off of such as cliff on lake McBride and lake. Make sure the spot you chose is safe and deep enough to jump off a high surface.