Exploring of Stars

Almost everyone has heard of the word Zodiac before. Currently, one of my favorite pastimes to research it.


As a disclaimer, I don’t believe in the Zodiac theory. As in the theory that states when you are born under a certain constellation it determines your personality. Hm. To me, you determine your personality. That said, I do find it interesting. It’s very fun to assume the mystical aspects of creation.

The Zodiac itself is a stretch of the sky in western astrology, whose area encompasses the path of the sun and earth among other celestial bodies. Its presence can be clearly traced as far back as the Babylonians some 2500 years ago.

The ‘signs’ are derived from twelve constellations located within the Zodiac, and the correlation of signs is associated with which constellation a person is born under.

I have recently started noticing the references to the Zodiac in everyday life, which was what compelled me to write an article about it. I have seen it in both fiction and non-fiction literature. I have seen it in magazine quizzes, I have even seen it depicted in jewelry. Those are only some examples of my sightings.

I personally think that when people are told the qualities of their Zodiac sign and respond with, ‘That sounds just like me!’ It’s more of a forced statement. Well, not really forced. It’s more like we subconsciously reason it out to ourselves because we want to believe in it.

There is a fun confidence. I am a Virgo myself, and it is said that Virgos usually pursue careers such as writers, caregivers, journalists, typists, etc. The fact that I’m here writing an article for journalism…..I don’t know, sounds pretty Virgo to me.

I think it’s fun. I recommend that people search up their own Zodiac signs and corresponding characteristics. Try to reason out your given constellation. Take pride in which mystical star formation you were born under. Or, you know, just enjoy searching up some interesting Zodiac lore over the summer.

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