Through the Mist


*Beep beep beep beep*

Confusion overwhelms her when unknown noise goes off as sabrin fades out of sleep. Then that confusion is replaced with regret because sabrin realizes what than noise means. It’s her 5 am alarm. It means it’s time to go bathe in the morning dew, inhale the crisp autumn air and exhale the tired hiding in her muscles and joints. It’s time for a run. Sabrin Mohamed ‘22 is a sophomore at west high, and for the past two years of her life she has been running every morning.

The routine


Sabrin wakes up at five am every morning for the last two years and goes on a run. That’s a full summary of sabrin’s morning. Sabrin’s routine starts off with her   five am alarm. Her first thought when she hears the blaring sound is “Ugh, i don’t wanna get up” but she says her attitude is better once she wakes up a little bit. 


“I know if i wake up, and like, actually go run and do my exercise i know its gonna make me feel way better and that’s the reason i wake up most of the time” -sabrin ’22

Sometimes I overthink and I overthink and overthink and I feel like the running really helps me to take things off my mind”

— Sabrin '22

She puts on her running shoes and some light clothes. She heads out the door in the darkness. She stated that she doesn’t have a specific path she follows, like she lets her feet take her along the sidewalks and many paths of the city. She usually runs near west high considering that’s around the area she lives. When on her runs sabrin doesn’t bring anything. No water, no food, no go bag, just her and her feet. She usually goes with her friend, Massa Suleiman ‘22, who persuaded her to start running in the first place. 


The beginning of a tradition


 “She was like “lets wake up early in the morning and go for a run” and i said “no, like, i don’t like waking up but she still made me and when we went on a run I was like hey, like, i like this, its really quiet and i get to watch the sunrise and i love sunrises and sunsets” -sabrin ’22


They had made a plan to wake up early that first morning, but sabrin went back to sleep. Her friend called her until she woke up and made her get out of bed.


“I didn’t think we were actually going” -sabrin ’22


Now, sabrin states, she runs more by herself than she does with Massa ’22. Shes become an enthusiast about the early morning activity. She fully supports it and even tries to get other people involved in what she does.

Sabrin says she likes to run alone. Its become her time to reflect, to build serenity. I decided to speak with Massa and get her opinion on sabrin’s early extracurricular. 


“She was in a good mood and definitely more energized than i was” -Massa ‘22


Speaking with massa she spoke very highly of sabrin’s attitude. Saying the vibe in the air was peaceful, and getting up before anyone else and watching the sun rise high was the best time of the day. Sabrin believe Massa’s attitude changed hers as well. 

“I feel like running has made me a more positive person in the outlook” -Sabrin ’22


Sabrin’s morning adventures through the mist of early dawn have developed her into a more positive and energetic person than she was previously. Her healthy habits keep her happy throughout the day, and that’s enough for sabrin.


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