Taking Opportunities

Bopp opens up his education by taking a new, unfamiliar class.


You’re halfway through your first year of high school and you already have to plan for your second. Clayton Bopp ’22 debates on how his sophomore year should play out.

Bopp changed drastically during Freshman year. Clayton already knows what he wants to be when he grows up, and what he’s interested in, but he wants to try something new in his Sophomore year when deciding classes.

Bopp came into Freshman year as a shy, introverted person. But over a school year, lots of things happen and a person can change almost completely. But for Clay, he became an outgoing, social person. 

Halfway through the school year came registration. Clayton had to decide his classes. 

“Originally this year, I was going to take two math classes, Geometry Honors and Algebra II Honors, just so I could be a little bit ahead next year, and then I decided that it wouldn’t be in my best interest to take two math classes just for my own sanity,” Bopp said.

 He took algebra in ninth grade but excelled in it. He wanted to get ahead of the game and take geometry honors and honors algebra II but decided against it because it would take a lot of time and energy and would eventually create stress. So he had to think of classes he wanted to take for 10th grade instead of taking study halls or something he wouldn’t enjoy.

“So I wanted to take another class instead of having study halls, and I debated in between choir and Foundations of Journalism. I figured that if I did Foundations of Journalism it would open up a few more doors than Choir would, so I just had to take opportunities.” Said Bopp.

Clay is also is involved more with the world. He uses Twitter and Instagram on a daily basis to keep up with the news.

“I really like my social media apps, specifically Twitter. I check it every morning. But yeah, I like social media more just because I can kind of like connect with the world better instead of just being like secluded.”