There’s More Than Meets the Eye

You may see him around school and he may seem familiar: a friendly looking face with brown hair and a smile. You may not know his name nor have you ever talked to him. One hello is all it takes.

You’ll soon come to know a very kind and welcoming person. He’ll take the time to learn a complete stranger’s name and various things about them. He forms new relationships every day. Amin Elkuerti ‘20 takes the time and effort to be a kind person.

“Amin is always very happy and caring in class. Everyday he always says hi to everyone, gives them a handshake or a high five, and asks them how they are doing. He always makes an effort to know my name, and everyone’s names. He is a wonderful friend to have that never fails to make you smile”, said Leah Moenning ‘22

Outside of class, Amin is passionate about video games. He spends around two hours playing video games every day, putting homework first of course. His weekends are devoted nearly entirely to playing. He dreams of becoming a video game developer. He’s been playing and creating games for a long time.

Amin hasn’t always had the easiest time in school. People try to bring him down by being cruel and hurtful. Amin doesn’t let it faze him. He takes it as an opportunity to promote change and acceptance. For example, one time in class, another person threw paper at him and mocked him. That person didn’t know Amin. They didn’t know anything about the funny, thoughtful and intelligent Amin. They took one look, made a judgement with extremely little knowledge, and made an action based on that.

In response, Amin said: “I think I get judged for being weird. But that’s fine. I’m proud of being weird.” Amin embraces all the unique and amazing things that make him who he is. Although he doesn’t feel included or supported sometimes at school, he makes the best of the situation. “I think if everyone didn’t judge people based on things such as their race, gender, religion, disability, the world would be a better place.” Amin considers judgement the worst thing in the world. Although progress is being made, the school community needs to be a more inclusive place. He has a lot of ideas on how to make that happen. There’s no simple fixes or one distinct solution but Amin suggests people pay attention and gain awareness. Until then, he has a support system. He has family, friends and video games to keep him busy. He knows that there is more than meets the eye. Now it’s time that the world catches up and sees that too.


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