Game of the future

Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo

Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo


People say a lot of things about video games, but some people truly don’t know what makes a good video game a good video game.”

— Amin

. People say a lot of things about video games, but some people truly don’t know what makes a good video game a good video game. Some people play games for fun, and some do it competitively, and some people do neither. But some analyze video games, like SomeCallmeJohnny, or AVGN(Angry video game nerd) or even Jontron in his past videos and much more. Just search for it. Video games come in all genres: Fantasy RPG’s, shooters, real-time strategy, puzzle, platformers, racers, and much much more. The game we are going to review is called Earthbound. Earthbound is a fantasy rpg like others, but the thing that sets it apart from other rpg games, is that it is in a contemporary setting, meaning it simulates real life in most ways. There are towns, banks, shops, stores, buses and bus stops, fees, police, town halls, libraries, and many more things in our everyday life. Earthbound is very famous for its battle system. For one thing, the enemy is in front, and you don’t see your player like in other RPGs, a lot of battling is text based which is unique to the first two games, secondly when you get hit the health doesn’t subtract immediately, instead there is a roller that makes your health go down slowly, why is this important? Well because you get some time to heal or do other stuff before you die. But in this game it goes down too fast, which is fixed in the later games but still is somewhat useful, but don’t count on it everytime. Earthbound is unique to its style, the dialogue is always funny and well written, every npc or character has its own personality, not like in other rpgs where the characters lack nothing, you always want to talk to people and see what they have to say, it also makes your time worthwhile. Onto the story and gameplay. In the beginning you start out in your house, you hear a knocking sound, it’s your neighbor Porky, saying that there is a meteor that crashed, so you bring your dog, Porky, and his brother along with him to investigate the meteor crash, when you get up there, a magical bee comes out of the meteor and tells Ness (main character: who you start out with, or whatever you named the main character) that the bee comes from the future to warn you that Giygas destroyed everything and tells you that you are the chosen one to save Earth. So you go on your way to save the Earth, to sum everything up: you get a sound stone and you have to go to the 8 sanctuary locations to get the 8 melodies to build a machine to defeat Giygas(previously an alien whose power was too much for his form, then he transformed into an intangible thing, during your adventure, you meet 3 new people who join your party (Paula, Jeff, and Poo(yes Poo)), your neighbor Porky becomes your evil rival, because Giygas possessed him. At the end of the game you get the 8 melodies and go to Mr. Andonuts (The Scientist in the game). He makes a machine that travels back in time in order to defeat Giygas, and Porky steals that machine, so the scientist has to make another one, and in order to go to the past your soul needs to be in a robot, so when you are back in time in the (cave of the past) you reach Giygas and Porky is waiting there with you to attack you, you eventually beat him, then face Giygas. You can’t hurt him, but Paula prays and destroys Giygas with the help of everyone on Earth to get strength, so you defeat Giygas go back into the past. You beat the game. Onto my review: I loved Earthbound, it has quirky dialogue, new mechanics, very good vibrant but every diverse music. I do have some gripes though, you can’t run, some fights are slow, and the healing system is wack, I do prefer the last game in the series but this game is amazing too, one of my favorites, I hope they release the last game to North American audiences. This is a damn good video game. Watch out for more reviews, like Mother 3, or Dark Cloud. I recommend you go play Earthbound.

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