West High Hot Takes

West High’s opinions on some of the world’s most debatable questions.

Annie Schwartz and Mara Caylor

For too long the world has been divided by some of the hardest questions in the known world. Is water wet? Dogs or cats? Does pineapple belong on pizza? Everyone has their opinions, but what does West High think? Will we be as divided as the rest of the world? Will the answers become clear? To answer these questions, we sent a survey with 15 of the most interesting, debatable questions to 99 West High students, and recorded their responses, to finally answer the questions once and for all.

Some West High students also had statements to back up their opinions. The question of pineapple with pizza brought up some particularly strong opinions. “Pineapple belongs on pizza.” Willow Oleson ’23 said, “It makes it sweet. So it’s sweet and savory.”

Sila Duran ’23, however, disagrees. “Cooked pineapple is just weird,”  she said. “And I feel like if you just put it on pizza it’s like, why?”

The question of if cheerleading is a sport was also a strongly debated topic, with responses from “Cheerleading is an art form,” and “Competitive cheer is a sport, school cheer isn’t,” to “Sideline cheering might not be a sport but the cheer at West High and all-star cheerleading is definitely a sport. Think about it compared to golf or bowling.” 

Most of these questions have no right answers, but that’s what makes it so much fun. So now, without further ado, on to the results.

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