Show choir is more than just an extracurricular, it’s a passion.

Karissa Burkhart ‘20, Evan Zukin ‘22 and GTC director David Haas share their experiences with show choir.

Show choir is a passion for those who participate, and through the challenges, they learn how to adore this extracurricular. At West High, there are two show choir groups, junior varsity Showtime, and varsity Good Time Company (GTC). Karissa Burkhart ‘20 and Evan Zukin ‘22 are both currently in the varsity group, GTC, which is directed by David Haas. 

GTC is a loving and fun environment for students. “My most memorable experience in show choir is probably during the first competition when I was standing on stage for awards,” Zukin said. This for him was memorable because of the fact that he was a freshman. For Zukin, it was a new and fun experience.

Students have their own special bond and memories to this extracurricular. It impacts those who participate in infinite ways. As director David Haas said, “Holding my students to a higher standard also makes me look at myself differently in the mirror every day,” Haas said.  “When I am insisting upon students in my group treating one another with kindness and respect as well as bringing a positive attitude to rehearsal every day, it also requires me to always strive towards the same goals that I insist my students achieve.” 

For Burkhart, it is one of her favorite parts of high school. It combines two of her favorite things, singing and dancing, which is why she adores it so much. Students not only tend to have favorite memories, but also songs of theirs that they have performed. For Burkhart, “My favorite song I’ve ever performed would be the GTC ballad my sophomore year. It was ‘Homeward Bound/Tell Your Heart to Beat Again’, it was so beautiful and made everyone cry. My brother had a solo in it, and since it was his senior year, it was very emotional”. 

For Zukin, he was touched by a ballad that was about reading about life on paper. The song was about people instead of reading about change, they were the ones making changes for other people to read about. “I think show choir has helped me make new friends and taught me discipline when learning things,” Zukin said.

Not only students are touched by show choir, but David Haas as well. Haas has been teaching at West for eight years. “I really enjoy allowing the art of music and self-expression to form some of the most integral parts of a young person’s character.  I think the more a student can learn how to become a reliable member of a team and a good friend, the further those skills will take them later in life,” Haas said.

Show choir touches students not only with music and memories, but it impacts them socially. It helps you develop yourself as a performer. “think the more a student can learn how to become a reliable member of a team and a good friend, the further those skills will take them later in life,” said Haas. 

In show choir specifically, I have seen students grow in both their self-discipline as well as their self-confidence in their performing.  Many people enter into show choir with little dancing skills and by the time they are a senior feel very confident both singing and dancing on stage.  Students also mature in their ability to focus and commit to a task for an entire rehearsal period, which can sometimes last up to three hours.” Said Haas. 

Through the years in show choir, students experience personal growth. Burkhart said, “I have grown so much from being a part of a ‘team’. It is really like being in sports because we all work together. I love how we all bond and become great friends.” 

Show choir offers a lot to students. Whether that be from personal growth, to learning more about music. But of course for each student that differs. This becomes a main commitment in your life, and a passion. As Burkhart said, “My favorite part is just working with everyone to always improve the show”.