Changing Running


Hannah Longmire training for her track season.

̈ ̈My favorite thing about running is that I get to compete against people like me and I get to meet new people,̈ ”

— Hannah Longmire

Hannah Longmire ’26 is a double amputee who has recently started pursuing her passion for running. When Longmire was two years old she was adopted from South Korea. She was born without feet and just a single toe on both legs. It was very challenging for her to walk, and in the future it was going to get even harder. Longmire had to go to many appointments to find the best solution for her future. The doctors decided the best option for Longmire was to get a double amputee below the knee, meaning that she was going to walk on prosthetics. After Hannah’s surgery she had casts on her legs, but that did not stop her from running and crawling around the house. ¨I remember after surgery I was on silly gas,” Longmire said. “Mom said I would not stop singing.¨ Through the surgery and recovery, she was always happy and had lots of energy.

Once Longmire recovered and got the casts off she needed prosthetics even though she could walk without them. At first she went to Shriners to get her prosthetic legs. When they make prosthetics they can put any design on them, Longmire always chose a bright, crazy, colorful pattern. After attending many camps for limb different kids Hannah’s family heard about a place called Amputee Blade Runners. Amputee Blade Runners is a non-profit organization that makes kids not only walking legs but also running blades. Longmire claimed, ̈The people that work there care for you like you are family.¨

After Hannah got her first pair of running blades she really got into running. Hannah started Girls on the Run, Iowa Speed, strength classes andhe she started competing in track and field. Hannah hopes to one day compete in the paralympics. ̈ ̈My favorite thing about running is that I get to compete against people like me and I get to meet new people,̈ Longmire said.

Not only has running creates many opportunities for Longmire but has also created many friendships. Longmire has met many kids that are amputees like her. Longmire has met most of her amputee friends from Nubability which is a sports camp for limb different kids. At nub camp the kids are coached by limb different adults. The camp is all about teaching them that they can adapt and do what everyone else is doing.

Longmire is starting to expand her running by joining cross country. She still enjoys running track better. Hannah has gone to many track meets in different states and has a family that is supportive and pushes her to do her very best. Longmire is coached by many people who believe she can do anything everyone else does. Longmire’s disability does not stop her from pursuing her dreams.

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