Homestretch for high school

Seniors are in their final year with 188 days left and it’s never too early to experience senioritis


As we’re nearing the completion of the first trimester, our first grades of the year will be placed in the grade book. With college applications and AP classes hitting hard on Seniors, maybe some of them are already showing indications of Senioritis.
Senioritis is defined as a decrease in motivation toward school and education presented by students who are completing their high school years. Many people say that senioritis is sincere but it’s not classified as a disease/mental disorder so many state that it is just an excuse to be lazy.
Senioritis can effect tardies, grades, and even college applications. It is said that senioritis occurs after college applications because if they get in, they believe their classes don’t matter anymore and they begin slacking off.
Most people at West high believe that senioritis is genuine and they talk about it. Some are super determined to achieve the end of this year and put all the hard work in, although some just don’t bother and want the year to be finished with. and a lot of Seniors take AP classes so that they can achieve college credit and avoid a ton of student loans or merely for the enjoyment and enthusiasm for the course. The ICCSD board wants more students to take AP classes because it saves a bunch of money for when you do go to college, and there are some pretty interesting subjects to widen your education on.
College applications can be one of the most stressful times in high school and maybe even in life. Applications determine whether or not you get accepted into the college you desire to attend, and not everyone gets accepted. College applications are also time-consuming and cost money, but it’s worth it after all that hard work to get accepted.
Overall, seniors have it tough. We all get lazy sometimes and there’s no doubt about that.

“Some seniors can just get lazy but some don’t, but they all survive in the end.

— Sierra Keeney '23