Fareeha Ahmad ’21

Killing Writing Competition, One Grade At A Time

Fareeha Ahmad ’21 murders the 1 book 2 book competition __ years in a row.

One book. Two book. 6th grade. 7th grade. 8th grade. Winning writing competitions is something that Fareeha Ahmad ‘21 has been doing for a while now. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, and when she’s not reading she’s writing. Ahmad started her writing “career” in the first grade with a book that she thinks wasn’t a big deal at all but her teacher, English teacher Nadari, liked a lot. In fact, Finn had to take this book out of Ahmad’s desk in the first grade and show it to her parents at the parent teacher conferences. When her parents got home and told her about how they read her story she was quite happy that her teacher thought it was an important milestone in her life, but then again she was just in 1st grade.

Ahmad’s favorite class is English, and if you don’t already know why, it’s the reading and writing part she likes about it. “When I write I just see where it takes me” Ahmad said. She has gotten a few awards for her writing, including winning the 1 Book, 2 Book competition in 6th and 7th grade. Ahmad entered 1 Book 2 Book in 8th grade, and made the Honor Role. She wishes to be writing something right now, but school and grades is taking up all of her free time. “I just love all the emotion that you can put into it you know? Having a meaning in the story is always so fun, and people can just relate to the story on so many levels.” Ahmad said is her favorite part about writing.

Ahmad is among the 31% of people that write for fun. She said, “I feel that people who write for fun can really express themselves, if ⅔’s of the world don’t write for fun that’s fine and it should be for yourself” She feels differently about having people in the world who cannot read or write because of not having access to paper or pencil to use to write with. She thinks that it’s sad when people aren’t able to read and write. She said “Everyone should have that ability” At the current moment Ahmad doesn’t have a person who inspires her, but she said, “I don’t have anyone who specifically inspires me but everything around me is inspiring for a new story.”

Ahmad’s old Language arts teacher, Claire Hanson, thinks that she has a lot of potential. “Some people stand out for talents more than others, Fareeha is one of those people who stand out” She said. Hanson could see Ahmad writing a book in the future because of the writing she did as a student in her class. Ahmad believes that she could be an author some day, but would like to have a job on the side of that.

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Fareeha Ahmad ’21