Fun Fest Revamped


Student Senate Revamps The 2017 Fall Fun Fest.


Student Senate hosted West High’s first Fall Fun Fest event on Oct. 20,. Last year the event was just something everyone went to – a basketball game that fundraised for Student Senate and other clubs. This year the event was blown up and made into a type of carnival.

Lots of students and families, an estimate of about 500, from the ICCSD District attended the fest in the courtyard.

Robotics club brought out one of their machines. This carefully programed the device and it  was able to pick up plastic balls and launch them in the air. “It was really cool to see people use the machine” says Amy Liao ‘21.

West’s art club had a face painting booth. Twenty-five percent of the proceeds from the tickets went to the school’s disaster relief club, which ended up raising $500.

The event was one that will never be forgotten, as it was the first annual Fun Fest Carnival. “The idea came from Mr. Henderson’s Brain Child, and student senate just took on the idea and got involved sending flyers to all of the elementary schools,” Johnson said.

The event was proven to be very successful with the proceeds and overall fun that happened at the event.

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Fun Fest Revamped