The Look Book

By Ala Mohamed

As her feet touch the shiny white stage, she is ready to walk towards the audience They await talking among themselves, but they do not anticipate what is coming their way. Some carry book bags others sit near the lockers, this stage is not ready for a super model catwalk, this stage is made of white tiled and belongs to West High School.

A large percent of students at West High School come dressed up or dressed down for the school day, yet some dress in something so unique, so unusual, so different that the name fashion is thrown on to their backs as they step passed the clear double doors that spells out school. As they enter the school building the hallways then become their runway and their style is like no other. Emina Abdagic ‘17 has a sense of style makes her stick out more than other students, however she has never gotten into fashion, fashion found her. “I’ve never really started getting into fashion it has just been with me ever since I was little, I would always get people complimenting me and one time I got a fashion award”.

Sometimes trying something new means going to the past and Abdagic finds 90s fashion more stylish, “I do not really keep up with the trends but I just wear me. Personally I like fashion from 90’s era and I try to incorporate it with modern fashion so I do not feel like I stick out a lot, but sometimes I do stick out and people tend to like it”. When it comes to fashion following what is trending might be what everyone likes, but, “ following the path you want and not what everyone else wants I think this is fashion” Emina said.

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The Look Book