Open Season

compiled by Molly Howes, Ian Prescott, Kyra Stoll and Jordan Bailey

May 19, 2016

Filed under Entertainment, Feature

Bring on the freedom, layer that sunscreen, grab your shades and enjoy your summer with helpful tips and tricks to help you beat the heat!

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How to make a banana-berry smoothie

Deniz Ince, WSS Intern

May 9, 2016

Filed under Entertainment

With summer approaching, fresh fruits will soon turn up on the shelves of groceries stores. An easy way to use them is to make a smoothie that is both nutritious and delicious. Here's how to make a refreshing banana-berry smoothie. ...

Controlling Your Gun

Controlling Your Gun

March 25, 2016

Store-bought and homemade foods put to the test

Claire Lynch, Intern

March 25, 2016

Filed under Entertainment

Three West High students and one Northwest Junior High student compare store-bought and homemade guacamole, salsa, and lemonade. The purpose? To find an answer to the age-old question, Is homemade really better than store-bought?